Our mission is to provide details of every sake brewery, sake bar, restaurant, association and distributor on the PLANET and at the same time create an online space where people can add events, articles and sake brewers can promote their brand easily without having to pay big money for advertising.


Think of it as a centralized HUB for everything that is SAKE.


We started out just wanting to list all the SAKE breweries in Japan in English, mainly for people who visit Japan and want to visit SAKE Breweries. Then we thought if we do that, then we should really also list bars and restaraunts that have good sake as well …. And then we thought – well if we do Japan, we might as well just do the whole world.


So that is what we have started and will continue to do … until we are done.


We developed SAKESUMO to Geo-locate so that it provides information about SAKE places that are closest to you. Of course you can search any country or city and our map feature lets you get a birds eye look at just where everything is.


If you have a business listing (breweries, businesses, bars etc) then you can update your details, add a Facebook feed, twitter feed, Instagram feed, YOUTUBE & VIMEO videos, your businesses website, contact details, menus and more! All of this can be controlled in your own login interface/ section. 


Also anyone can login and upload sake events for free - these can be educational events, tastings, tours, parties, whatever!


And then we have added a section for articles about sake in various languages - users can add these themselves. 





Short answer is – we are slightly crazy.


Long answer – sake is awesome - we are internet marketing fiends with a sake problem.


We wanted to create a website that people who are interetsed in sake can use to find good sake, learn more about sake, and just get involved!


On top of that – SAKE is really gaining popularity on a global level and we wanted to make it easier for not only foreign tourists traveling in Japan but also Japanese, to learn about, appreciate, understand and also drink one thing that is an integral part of Japanese cuisine and culture - SAKE !


We also wanted to do this for the smaller breweries in Japan. Most breweries focus on one thing – making great SAKE – so we thought that they could use a hand to get their SAKE out there on the internet … and in turn .. it will get their SAKE out there in the world.





SAKESUMO was created and developed by Jason Adamson and Alex Wicks of IM Evolutions, a boutique internet marketing company that focuses on modern web technologies. Jason Adamson lives in Japan and has two masters degrees, one in Communication and also one in Gastronomic Tourism from Le Cordon Bleu. He is also an avid Nihonshu fan and has studied both the Certified Sake Professional and Advanced Sake Professional courses under John Gauntner and the Sake Education Council.





We really hope that this website is useful for anyone who loves sake. The best thing you can do is become a member, review a few places, spread the word and and drink more sake ! Kanpai !



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