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Angelina is the brains and also the boss behind the coolest little sushi spot in Singapore – The Flying Squirrel. We have a chat to her about what kind of SAKE makes the squirrel fly.


Angelina what’s the whole concept behind the Flying Squirrel?


Inspired by the love of travel, coffee, art, music and Japanese food, The Flying Squirrel strings together fragments of New York, Melbourne, Tokyo and home base, Singapore. Tucked away from the bustle of the CBD in an alleyway along Amoy Street, The Flying Squirrel is a secret, yet cosy hole-in-the-wall hideout.



You guys have been on Japanese TV and fly your fish in from Japan – that's pretty cool – tell us about your chef and sushi



We are blessed to have a team of very capable chefs from various backgrounds. My two lead chefs are Malaysians, living in Singapore. Both of them each have about 10 years of working experience in prime establishments in Singapore, such as Inagiku (now known as Mikuni) and Hide Yamamoto.


Our sushi is steeped in tradition and we take pride in our freshness and quality. I am extremely particular about the shari (sushi rice), as well as the cut size of the fish for sushi. Balance is important, I don’t like too much rice, neither do I like too big cuts of fish on top of the shari. It is important that both must complement each other.



Ok – and now for the big question – how much sake had you had to drink when you came up with the awesome name  “The Flying Squirrel?


Haha… before starting our restaurant, I probably drank more than any man I know! My husband would definitely agree on this!  He complains that I drink too much!


The Flying Squirrel is actually my Australian zodiac sign (not kidding!). Yes, there’s such thing!


My husband and I, together with our business partner Rai were walking in Victoria Market, Melbourne and we came across this interesting zodiac reader that based his readings on Australian animals. Both Jack and Rai turned out to be Koalas (haha!) and I am the awesome Flying Squirrel!



Tell us about your sake list?  What do you guys offer?


We carry sakes of many different taste profiles. I usually like to categorize it that way so it is easier for my customers to choose.


Here’s what we have:


Cold Sake:


- Tengumai Yamahai Jikomi Junmai

- Hakurakusei Tokubetsu Junmai

- Kikuzakari Tokubetsu Junmai

- Seikyo Tokubetsu Honjozou

- Bijoufu Yuzu (Yuzu Sake)

- Kodakara Yogurt Sake

- Kikuzakari Nigorizake


Hot Sake:


- Tengumai Yamahai Jikomi Junmai

- Seikyo Tokubetsu Honjozou


Sparkling Sake:


- Bijoufu Schwa


At our new outlet, TFS Private Works, we carry a more extensive list including some premium sakes such as Hakurakusei Zankyo Super 8. This sake has been coveted by celebrities and people “in the know” in the U.S. for the last couple of years. “Super 9” was given as backstage gifts to Grammy winners in 2010. How lucky!



Do you guys have sake parties/ events / tastings ?


Yes, we have done a couple of sake pairings as well as other pairings such as Hakushu Whisky pairing, Wine Pairing and Cocktail Pairing.


This year we will be holding a couple of events and tastings.


Coming up soon would be our partnership with Gourmet Japan 2016. I’m really happy that this year we are part of Gourmet Japan. The event is going to be on May 19, and we are offering a very interesting menu –We are pairing Japanese cuisine with cocktails! I’m really excited about this, I love the idea and this is a good challenge for us too.


Do check out our facebook & website for more info on our events.


Facebook: www.facebook.com/theflyingsquirrelsg

Website: www.theflyingsquirrel.com.sg



What’s your biggest selling sake? And why do you think that is?


Hakurakusei Tokubetsu Junmai because it is a friendly sake. Clean but fruity sake, with pure finish and has beautiful aroma of banana, melon & mango. Perfect for our humid tropical weather!



Do your customers know a lot about sake or do you have to help them?


Most of our customers know what they want.  For those who are unsure, we usually help them by giving them simple taste profiles to choose from, such as Dry, Fruity/Floral or Umami. If they are still unsure, we’ll choose a few and let them taste & pick what they like best.



What’s the sake scene like in Singapore – are more and more people getting into it?


Yes, it is very competitive now in Singapore. Sake is definitely in trend now.



What is your most memorable sake experience?


Sake Marche 2015 in Kanazawa! It was the best Sake Festival I have attended so far. Lots of sake, awesome food, beautiful weather and most importantly, great company!


Thanks Angelina keep up the great work and keep the sake flowing at the Flying Squirrel


Thank you ! Kanpai!


For more information on The Flying Squirrel in Singapore you can visit their listing here. 




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02 May 2016

By Jason Adamson

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