Kyushu Sake Tour 2019


This tour is for adventurous foodies. This tour visits three or four sake breweries in Fukuoka. Enjoy a pop up oyster BBQ, blowfish (fugu) welcome party, sea critters of the Ariake Bay, super premium “shizuku” gyokuro tea, yakitori and hakata ramen. Visit an artisanal salt maker in Itoshima by the sea and take a trip to Karatsu in Saga, a famous pottery region, and tour an artist’s studio to find earthy sake vessels to bring home. Relax and sip sake on a sendo boat ride while keeping warm under a heated kotatsu table and relax in the onsen hot springs of Yufuin. On the final day, you will visit a cooking studio in Kumamoto where white smoke rises from the ground everywhere and steam your own vegetables in geothermal vents.


Etsuko Nakamura


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Mon February 4, 2019 09:00 am To: Fri - February 8, 2019
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