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159 Main St.
White Plains, New York, Northeast NY 10601
United States

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1 Review
White plains NY
Subpar service, ordinary food

This place has terrible management and customer service. The manager disappears, and the wait staff walks around aimlessly instead of helping bus tables and seat guests. The podium should not have crowds of people waiting to give their name when they are empty tables with in plain sight. Once seated, wait staff should not be pacing back and forth because they have nothing to do when there are tables full of people who haven't been given menus or water within 10 minutes. 10 to 15 minutes is a long time to be sitting there without so much as a glance. Wait staff should not argue about who is helping which table within earshot of the guests. Wait staff should also be trained to put in a full order versus forgetting to put parts of the order in especially when they've repeated it. This place is run terribly. The manager is also a liar and wears a weird ornate robe like a bathrobe. This guy should not be considered a manager if he's going to disappear and not even give any attention to guests he promised to help. Food is okay, but the quality is not consistent from day-to-day. The tuna volcanoes repeatedly get returned because the rice cake is cold. It's either not cooked long enough, or it is sitting under the lamp for too long because the wait staff is not trained properly. Also the cuts of meat very, you could have something that is less than a bite on the same plate of something that needs a knife to cut it into several pieces because it's so big.

October 2017

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1 Review



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